Selected Publication

Zhou, X., & Sun, X. (2021). Depression profiles among adolescents and their parents: A group-based multi-trajectory modeling. Journal of Family Psychology. Preprint


Zhou, X., Lee, R. M., & Ohm, J. (2021). Evaluating the Feasibility of the Incredible Years Attentive Parenting Program as Universal Prevention for Racially Diverse Populations. Journal of Prevention and Health Promotion. Preprint


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Current Lab Projects

College Experiences of Southeast Asian Students from Refugee Background 

Team: Brenda Shein

Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student Brenda Shein is currently conducting a research study on the college experiences of Southeast Asian students who identify as coming from refugee backgrounds.

The survey would take about 10 minutes to complete, and participants have the option of entering their email into a raffle for one of several $20 Amazon gift cards (odds are 1 in 20) for helping out with the study. Eligibility criteria are as follows: 

1) You are above the age of 18

2) You currently reside in the United States

3) You are currently enrolled in a undergraduate study during the 2021-2022 academic year

4) You identify as a Southeast Asian college student from a refugee background 


Here’s the link to the survey:  

Updated: April 2021



Health Service Psychology Trainee Dismissal Study

Team: Aashna Aggarwal, Amani Kahlil, and Krista Robbins

This is a qualitative interview study in order to understand trainees' perspectives in the dismissal process. 

If you are a current or former doctoral student from an APA-accredited Health Service Psychology program who has been dismissed from a predoctoral practicum and/or internship site, please consider participating in our qualitative study regarding trainee perspectives on dismissal from clinical practicum and internship (Purdue IRB-2021-180).


To qualify for the study, you must:

1) be a student, or have been a student within the last 7 years, from a PhD/PsyD APA-accredited Health Service Psychology program (i.e., Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, or combined programs)

2) have had a premature termination with your practicum or internship site due to potential concerns with your competence


Each participant will be compensated $30 at the end of their one-hour semi-structured interview, which will be focused on their experiences at their training site, their understanding of the dismissal process, and the impact on their professional development after dismissal.


If you are interested in the study, please fill out a brief interest survey below.

Updated: April 2021 

Upcoming Project:

POC Parents of Children with ASD

Team: Amani Kahlil

Counseling Psychology doctoral student will be launching a study to interview ethnic-racial minority parents who have children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Stay tuned!

Updated: April 2021 

HSP Trainee Dismissal Recruitment Poster