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This project is in collaboration with the Burmese American Community Institute (BCAI) in Indianapolis, IN to understand the resilience and risk factors related to Burmese American students’ college experiences. Research is scarce in understanding the educational pathways and adjustment for refugee students post-resettlement. We are currently recruiting participants who identify as Burmese and received their high school education in the United States. This project will be further expanded to other Southeast Asian refugee students. The preliminary findings from this study will be presented on August 5, 2020, at the Annual Research Presentation & 10th Anniversary of BACI.

This study is funded by the Purdue Research Fund.  


Nationwide [Recruitment closely for Phase 1]

This is an online survey study aims to investigate the trajectories of young children’s adjustment as well as identify family- and parenting- factors affecting their adjustment following COVID-19. The study consists of three waves in a span of three months. Any parents who have children between the age of 3 and 8 in the United States are eligible to participate.

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