Undergraduate Students

We are interested in having undergraduate students become involved in research. Usually, undergraduate students will start by participating in lab meetings and volunteering in some existing lab projects under the supervision of me or graduate students in the lab. Possible activities include literature searches, transcription, recruitment, data cleaning, data coding, and writing. Advanced undergraduate students can propose their own projects (e.g., honors projects) and/or have the opportunity to publish in academic journals. Please contact us with your interests and research experiences and inquire about available positions.

Prospective Graduate Students

I will be accepting new Ph.D. students for Fall 2024. Please see the Counseling Psychology at Purdue website (education.purdue.edu/counseling-psych) and/or our current student handbook here for more program details including admission requirements, admission timeline, and funding opportunities.

Purdue Counseling Psychology will host a virtual open house on Nov 17th, 2023, which you could RSVP here: https://purdue.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8Bokal4O14nrruu

Students who are interested in family processes, mental health disparity, cultural diversity, international issues, and culturally responsive interventions are especially encouraged to apply to work with me. To get a better understanding of potentially working with me, you can read my mentoring philosophy here.